hair transplant cost

Find out how you're being robbed of more hair and why

Moving more hair in one surgery means more density at a great price


With our Revolutionary MaxHarvest Procedure - hair transplant cost is much lower:


Get more hair grafts for LESS MONEY
More hair grafts means MORE DENSITY
More density means better, thicker MORE NATURAL RESULTS
Better results means LESS hair transplant SURGERIES
Less hair transplant surgeries means LESS HAIR GRAFTS COST over time.
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Hair Transplant Pricing


Hair transplant cost: it's less than you think


Affordable Hair Surgeries in South Florida makes it possible to get a transplant that looks great and and costs less than hair transplants at other clinics. Click here to see our hair transplant cost.



  For as low as *$124 per month, you can FINALLY restore your hairline or get rid of that embarrassing bald spot at an affordable price. Don't procrastinate!

At our clinic we have over 75 years of combined experience. Call today for a FREE consultation! Call 954-567-5868


This could be your hair restoration



* Price is based on a $5000 surgery financed over 60 months for those who qualify.

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